There are certain artists whose work has made a lasting impact on my methodology for making. These artists have focused my attention, each for distinct reasons, and while each artist may employ different mediums or approaches, there are various aspects to each that are quite meaningful. The concepts of materiality, craft and identity are best represented through the work of Martin Puryear. His use of materials and sense of craftsmanship are significant points of interest for me. The works of Robert Irwin and his exploration of perception has imprinted on me the profound variety in which individuals engage with their surroundings. Lastly, Michael Jones McKean’s approach to narrative content within the sculpture form has provided me another insight into ways metaphor can be applied. These artists are but a few of the sources from which I draw inspiration, both through respect and admiration for their work. - Joshua Wojick, 2018

Join us!

Habatat Glass invites you to celebrate the
46th year of our International Glass Exhibition.

We are extremely proud to have founded the oldest and largest annual glass exhibition in the world.
Grand Opening: Saturday, April 28 at 8pm | Exhibition April 28- June 22