to our 46th International glass exhibition

For the past 46 years the International Glass Invitational has transformed and adapted glass art based on certain trends mirrored in the extensive art world. We have watched changing technologies role with creating work, sharing ideas, exploring the material on a broader base and streamlining marketing through social media.

Our annual exhibition has contributed to opening the gates to the explosion of studio glass on the contemporary art market. Each year we ask for two significant works from our glass artists that identify what is “significant” within their career as an artist. Some artists see the word as a challenge and try to create something outside the focus of their existing body of work or series. Other artists see the word “significant” and feel they should create something really spectacular based on the series or body of work they are most known for. Artists that are new to the International either have not quite figured out the exhibition or have taken it to the extreme and produced their most complex work to date. We leave a lot up to interpretation during our International exhibition. This allows the artists the freedom to explore their ideas.


Who was their inspiration?

The answers are mesmerizing.

The title of this exhibition is Glasstopia. We have asked participants which artist or artists have influenced their work.

Who was their inspiration? The answers are mesmerizing. With some you can see a linear connection and with others the inspiration seems to have very little correlation. Looking at this year’s artists we can conclude that inspiration can come from anyone at any time and that the correlation between artists is not as important as the result. We tried through inspiration to find a route of how an artist can go from inspiration into a final product and have learned that it is not a journey that can be defined but rather a hike the artists have enjoyed taking.

Gathering insights into our artists will help us understand both the artist themselves and their work. Why does an artist have an overwhelming feeling to create? Where do they get their ideas? These are the questions we ponder. We have enjoyed learning more and more from our artists and their work. We hope you will enjoy it as well.

Join us!

Habatat Glass invites you to celebrate the
46th year of our International Glass Exhibition.

We are extremely proud to have founded the oldest and largest annual glass exhibition in the world.
Grand Opening: Saturday, April 28 at 8pm | Exhibition April 28- June 22